Hi, I'm Max

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer working as a freelancer in Bordeaux, France.

In 2014, I start crafting brand identities, products, websites & datavisualisations for Brainify, an ecommerce perfomance & analytics focused startup.

I found the Bordeaux Designers Club in 2015, a Slack community of designers counting 400+ members (which is not bad for this tiny city).

I co-founded Reveal Studio in 2017, a design studio with the ambition to unleash the true potential of ideas by building great products.

I finally join Muxu.Muxu in April 2018 as a designer where I work for great brands such as Le Wagon, Slite, Luko, BidMotion, etc.


I’m available for work inquiries. Contact me & I'll be glad to share a fresh beer with you.


44° 50' 16.0404'' N

0° 34' 45.048'' W


48° 51' 23.8104'' N
2° 21' 7.9992'' E